What’s your style ?

Firstly, we love capturing moments. Our style is very relaxed and natural. We always try to stay in the background and capture each and every emotion as your day goes along. We may give you some directions during your couple shoot, because we know you want to look your best, but the rest of the day we captured real moments as they happen.

How do we book you?

If you love what we do and feel we are the right fit for your day then just pop us an email and we will send you our packages and prices. Once you are happy to go ahead with the booking we will send you an invoice and a contract to sign.
A non-refundable booking fee of 30% and the signed contract are required to confirm your booking. The outstanding balance is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding date.   

Can we meet you before the big day? 

Absolutely! We would love to chat more about your special day. If you are too far away for us to meet in person then Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime have got us covered on that front!

How long have you been photographing & filming weddings? 

Tyron has worked as a wedding, lifestyle, portrait and commercial photographer in various countries around the world since 2009. Erika started with Tyron in 2014 as his second photographer and from 2016 focused mainly on videography. 

Do you both attend every wedding together? 

We always work together and assist each other.  So you will always get two of us. Eri does the videography (film) & Tyron does the photography. Everything is looked after, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing anybody else. If you are planning a small wedding and you would prefer a custom quote then let us know. 

Why is good to hire a team that is able to do both: photography & videography? 

Hiring two separate companies to provide photography and videography may be the cause of disruption on your special day. Hiring a team with years of chemistry working together to provide both services will mean that both professionals work seamlessly and smoothly.

We already have a photographer / videographer , can we book you for video or photography only?

Of course. We offer separate packages for the videography or photography as well. If would you like to inquire about the videography/ photography packages separately please don’t hesitate to contact us. But please have in mind that our combo package (photo & video) reflects a heavily discounted price. Two is better than one, combo for the win.

Can you customise a package for us? 

Yes, for sure. Every wedding is unique and we are always ready and happy to customise one of our packages to meet your wedding needs. Whether you require a full day of comprehensive coverage or would like to choose your own start and finish times, it is completely up to you!

When will I receive our films and photographs? What is your turnaround time? 

You can expect to receive your edited images 8-12 weeks and highlight video 8-14 weeks after your wedding day (dependant on the current workload, often we deliver even sooner). 

The longer videos such as Short or Long wedding film, Full Ceremony & Speeches will be available within 60-90 days. 

Once everything is ready the final product will be supplied on a USB or on your very own password-protected online gallery where you can download the photos and video onto your computer or share with your family and friends.

Please be aware that it is only the wo of us running this little business and the quality of the final product is very important for us –  which is why the delivery period is always influenced by current workload. Good things take time and every edit is different and deserves the time it takes to get it just right.

Can I purchase and album after the wedding day? 

Yes of course! You can purchase an album after your wedding date, but please keep in mind that the album in the package is in heavily discounted price. 

Can we have all the raw footage and unedited photos? Do you give raw photos or video footage? 

We normally don’t offer a raw footage and unedited photos. We believe that half the art is in editing and colour grading. You paying us a good money and we want to give you the full project not only half of our work – just as you would not want to show a half painted picture. 

How long do you keep a copy of your raw photos and footage? 

Once you have received your photos and film and everyone is happy we keep your photos for 6 months and videos for 3 months.

Do you have a sufficient backup system? 

Yes, we have multiple backup systems which keep our images and wedding day footage safe. We backup all of our files immediately after weddings to at least 2 separate external hard drives. 

Do you have Insurance? 

Yes. We have appropriate insurance cover and can provide details if your venue requests it.  

What music will our video be set to?

After getting to know you, experiencing your day and going through your footage, we set out to find the song that captures you as a couple and best represents the feel of your wedding day. 

Do you include audio in our highlight video? 

We always record vows and speeches and most of the time we include parts of these in your highlight video – if we feel that they compliment your film. Each wedding is unique and different. We have found out that with some weddings we can create the most emotional impactful highlight video without any words at all. We invite you to check out the films in our website or Vimeo portfolio to give you an idea of how we work. 

What are the advantages of full day coverage?

We have found that the best moments on a wedding day are complete organic and quite often happen when you least expect them.  Timed packages just don’t allow for the way real world events unfold. From the nerves and excitement in the morning, through to your granddad’s epic dance moves later in the night.  In the words of Aerosmith – we don’t wanna miss a thing!

I have questions for you but they are not listed here? 

Please get in touch! We will reply as soon as we can.